van Kan,Jan A L

Institution: University of Kaiserslautern, Germany

Top Collaborators: Zhang L, Bokor AA, Kohn LM, Poulter RT, Staats M, Hua C, Stassen JH, Chatterjee S, Cornelissen M, Kars I, Essenstam B, Liebrand TW, Kay J, Wagemakers L, Meijer HJ, Elberse J, Ten Have A, Tagkalaki P, Tjoitang D, Thiewes H

Research Interests: Botrytis, Carbon, Gene, Plant, Genes, Genome, Cell, Growth, Virulence, Nicotiana, Aldolase, Aspergillus, Cell Walls, Cultures, Plant Cell, Proteins, Reductase, Tomato, Arabidopsis, Arabidopsis Thaliana