van Hasselt,C Andrew

Institution: The Chinese University of Hong Kong, China

Top Collaborators: Tong MC, Vlantis AC, Chen GG, Sham CL, To KF, Chan PK, Lee DL, Liu XH, Chan HS, Yu BK, Kam MK, Lai KL, Abdullah V, Ng KS, Fung NS, Tse GM, Lo CS, Ci Liang N, Lui VW, Wu K

Research Interests: Iodine, Cancer, Apoptosis, Thyroid, Thyroid Cancer, Cancers, Hormones, Risk, Risk Factor, Therapeutic, Thyroid Hormones, Transportation, Behaviors, Cells, Exhibits, Kinases, Maintenance, Mitogen Activated Protein Kinases, Protein Kinases, Regulation