de Crombrugghe,Benoit

Institution: The University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center, USA

Top Collaborators: Yasuda H, Sinha KM, Sonnylal S, Abraham D, Henry SP, Zhang Z, Behringer RR, Sinha K, Zhang H, Coombes MM, Darnay BG, Dent SY, Zhang C, Dai H, Shi-wen X, Liang S, Leoni P, Akdemir KC, Naff K, Chen Q

Research Interests: Mice, Bone, Transcription Factor, Cells, Cartilage, Bone Formation, Osteoblast, Embryonic Development, Embryos, Genes, Growth Plate, Proteins, Regulation, Cell, Aggrecan, Articular Cartilage, Diseases, Enzymes, Extracellular Matrix, Gene