Institution: Ohio; Department of Pathology and Cell Biology; and Institute for Research in Immunology and Cancer, Canada

Top Collaborators: Kim BH, Hong SW, Shin S, Wolgamott L, Tep C, Choi SH, Kim ML, Opincariu LI, Limpert AS, Chan JR, Appel B, Carter BD, Roux PP, Kim A, Bae YS, Kim SH, Jeong HJ, Yu Y, Blenis J, Ko PO

Research Interests: Glycogen, Cancer, Kinase, Cell Proliferation, Glycogen Synthase, Glycogen Synthase Kinase, Regulation, Cell, Cancers, Cell Cycle, Phosphorylation, Rapamycin, Brain, Mouse, Role, Carcinoma, Cell Death, Death, Therapeutic, Eif4e