Institution: Department of Biology, MS-34, Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution, Woods Hole, MA 02543, USA

Top Collaborators: Barbraud C, Rivalan P, Inchausti P, Gaillard JM, Nevoux M, Jenouvrier S, Rolland V, Caswell H, Bost CA, Pardo D, Ozgul A, Gauthier G, Saether BE, Milot E, Coulson T, Grøtan V, Berman M, Engen S, Altwegg R, Armitage KB

Research Interests: Probability, Population, Breeding, Survival, History, Animals, Birds, Population Dynamics, Populations, Adult, Reproduction, Sex, Senescence, Climate, Climate Change, Concentrations, Future, Gases, Growth, Ice
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