Institution: University of New Mexico, USA

Top Collaborators: Movva S, Arias-pulido H, Al-mansour Z, Soonthornthum T, Joste N, Sayar H, Lomo L, Shen Z, Muller C, Lee SJ, Rutledge T, Royce M, Moukharskaya J, Rabinowitz I, Lee F, Smith H, Eberhardt S, Maestas A, Lu H, Rodriguez L

Research Interests: Cancer, Patients, Chemotherapy, Cervix, Lead, Platinum, Standard Of Care, Women, Clinical Research, Research, Epidermal Growth Factor, Cisplatin, DNA, DNA Adducts, Maximum Tolerated Dose, Safety, Antigen, Cell, Cells, Cytotoxic T Lymphocyte Antigen 4