Institution: Centre for Addiction and Mental Health and University of Toronto, Canada

Top Collaborators: Wilson AA, Houle S, Garcia A, Sadovski O, Hicks JW, Parkes J, Tong J, Fowler CJ, Rotstein BH, Liang SH, Collier TL, Mclaurin J, Nitz M, Reilly RM, Rubie EA, Woodgett JR, Stephenson KA, Mclarty K, Holland JP, Moran MD

Research Interests: Carbon, Pet, Positron, Positron Emission Tomography, Tomography, Amines, Salts, Cyclotron, Dehydration, Esters, Brain, D-glucose, Glycogen, Urea, Carbamates, Carbon Dioxide, Kappa Opioid Receptor, Opioid Receptor, Isocyanates, Emission Computed Tomography