Institution: Department of Immunology and Oncology, Centro Nacional de Biotecnología/CSIC, Madrid, Spain

Top Collaborators: Carrera AC, Barber D, Villares R, Cadenas V, Lozano M, Almonacid L, Zaballos A, Martínez-a C, Suárez-fueyo A, Ramos T, Galán A, Jimeno L, Wurtzen PA, Marin A, De Frutos C, Blanco C

Research Interests: T Cells, Chemokine Receptors, Cns Disease, Demyelination, Disease, Mice, Mouse, T-cell, T-cell Subsets, Tissues, Administration, Allergen Immunotherapy, Grass, Immunotherapy, Phleum, Pollen, Regulatory T Cells, Sublingual Administration, Tablets