Van den Steen,Philippe E

Institution: University of Leuven, Belgium

Top Collaborators: Opdenakker G, Geurts N, Lays N, Deroost K, Noppen S, Martens E, Thijs G, Arese P, Magez S, Roskams T, Cauwe B, Daelemans D, Li S, Heremans H, Tyberghein A, Schwarzer E, Vanstreels E, Komuta M, Prato M, Lin JW

Research Interests: Malaria, Disease, Mice, Plasmodium, Human, Infection, Chemokines, Cytokines, Parasite, Parasites, Research, A Gene, Animal, Animal Models, Diseases, Gene, Gene Knockout, Mortality, Mutation, Mutations
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