Vale,Wylie W

Institution: The Salk Institute for Biological Studies, USA

Top Collaborators: Vaughan JM, Huising MO, Van Der Meulen T, Matsumoto M, Park H, Donaldson CJ, Lee S, Billestrup N, Pilbrow AP, Wiater E, Fischer WH, Jamieson PM, Perrin MH, Cleasby ME, Rivier JE, Kuperman Y, Sawchenko PE, Morton NM, Gershon E, Kelly PA

Research Interests: Corticotropin, Corticotropin-releasing Factor, Ligands, Cells, Family, Secretion, Mouse, Urocortin, Cell, Crf Receptor, Glucocorticoids, Glucose, Insulin, Insulinoma, Rat, Human, Muscle, Urocortin 3, Metabolism, Inhibin
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