Institution: and Université de Toulouse, France

Top Collaborators: Roché H, Dalenc F, Millevoi S, Maillot G, Lacroix-triki M, Favre G, Pierredon S, Benes V, Iacovoni JS, Auboeuf D, Zindy P, Bergé Y, Decorsière A, Allal B, Loulergue C, Filleron T, Iacovoni J, Cammas A, Bernat S, Beck S

Research Interests: Regulation, Binding Protein, Human, mRNA, Breast, Breast Cancer, Breast Tumor, Cancer, Genes, Tumor, Epidermal Growth Factor, Inhibition, Beta-globin, Globin, Hnrnp, Hnrnp H, Mutation, Polyadenylation, Polypyrimidine Tract-binding Protein, Pre-mrna
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