Institution: Specialized Early Psychosis Outpatient Service for Adolescents and Young Adults, Department of Psychiatry, 4101 Bruderholz, Switzerland

Top Collaborators: Simon AE, Goeldner C, Ballard TM, Knoflach F, Wichmann J, Gatti S, Gruber K, Ouertani J, Lester H, Zimmer A, Tait L, Roth B, Stip E, Isler E, Roy P, Javitt DC, Conrad G, Zukin SR, Hunt J, Heresco-levy U

Research Interests: Psychosis, Association, Risk, Patients, Brain, Glutamate, Lead, Water, General Practitioners, Health, Person, Adolescent, Adolescents, Hallucinations, Outpatients, Prevalence, Administration, Animal, Animal Models, Aspartate