Institution: Specialized Early Psychosis Outpatient Service for Adolescents and Young Adults, Department of Psychiatry, 4101 Bruderholz, Switzerland

Top Collaborators: Simon AE, Goeldner C, Ballard TM, Knoflach F, Wichmann J, Gatti S, Berger GE, Cattapan-ludewig K, Gruber K, Ouertani J, Lester H, Zimmer A, Tait L, Roth B, Stip E, Isler E, Roy P, Javitt DC, Conrad G, Zukin SR

Research Interests: Psychosis, Association, Risk, Patients, Brain, Glutamate, Lead, Water, General Practitioners, Health, Person, Adolescent, Adolescents, Hallucinations, Outpatients, Prevalence, Administration, Animal, Animal Models, Aspartate