Institution: University of Toronto, Canada

Top Collaborators: Shevelev I, Hottiger MO, Jessulat M, Janscak P, Darowski KD, Petschnigg J, San Luis BJ, Moe OW, Sturley SL, Snider J, Boone C, Hanif A, Greenblatt JF, Lee ME, Zhang Z, Dietschy T, Jin K, Paumi CM, Yu AR, Babu M

Research Interests: Membrane, Membrane Proteins, Proteins, Understanding, Acetylation, Acids, Amino Acids, Cytoplasm, DNA, DNA Helicases, Gene, Genome, Genome Stability, Histone, Histone Acetyltransferase, Lysine, Post-translational Modification, Recq Family Of DNA Helicases, Syndromes, Drugs