Smith,Matthew E

Institution: Institute of Ecology and Earth Sciences and Natural History Museum of Tartu University, Estonia

Top Collaborators: Henkel TW, Wong A, Laurencin D, Newport RJ, Knowles JC, Vilgalys R, Uehling JK, Chrzanowski W, Gan Z, Aime MC, Pickup DM, Kemp TF, Qiu D, Howes AP, Watts A, Dupree R, Sun H, Clark AJ, Gervais C, Idehara T

Research Interests: Environment, Spectroscopy, Cell, Understanding, Water, Cells, Magnesium, Basidiomycota, Hydrogen, Risk, Absorption, Role, X-ray, X-ray Absorption Spectroscopy, Apatites, Environments, Hydroxyapatite, Acoustic, Acoustic Trauma, Ear