Schneider,Eric C

Institution: Brigham and Women's Hospital ∥Harvard Medical School ¶Harvard School of Public Health, USA

Top Collaborators: Friedberg MW, Safran DG, Dresser M, Hussey PS, Coltin KL, Zaslavsky AM, Westert GP, Lai DJ, Van Busum K, Wexler R, Qaseem A, Bowen M, Snow V, Gabbay RA, Gosfield A, Miller-day M, Gregg D, Cronholm PF, Michl K, Adelman A

Research Interests: Health, Primary Care, Health Care, Medical Home, Patient, Patients, Electronic, Measures, Costs, Government, Policy, Set, Health Care Reform, Physicians, Regulations, Electronic Health Records, Feedback, Physician, Government Agencies, Healthcare