Institution: The Children's Hospital affiliated to Medical School of Zhejiang University, China

Top Collaborators: Peng YP, Huang HW, Tang JL, Han XH, Cao BB, Cai DT, Wang XQ, Jin H, Xiong QX, Lu JH, Liu WG, Gao ZG, Shi Q, Gu GX, Gao ZY, Zhao W, Xie F, Huang Y, Wang LF, Liu Z

Research Interests: Cell, Diseases, Cells, Kinase, Lymphocyte, Apoptosis, Lymphocytes, Tunicamycin, Aspartate, Brain, Brain Injury, Caspase-3, Concentration, D-aspartate, Death, Glutamate, Il-6, Infant, Injury, Interleukin