Parsons,Barbara L

Institution: US Food and Drug Administration, National Center for Toxicological Research, Division of Genetic and Reproductive Toxicology, Jefferson, AR 72079, USA

Top Collaborators: Wang Y, Myers MB, Mckim KL, Meng F, Mckinzie PB, Clewell HJ, Arlt VM, Chen T, Roufosse CA, Phillips DH, Banda M, Bermudez E, Recio L, Andersen ME, Wong BA, Gross EA, Dodd DE, Mei N

Research Interests: Mutation, Codon, Mutations, PCR, Treatment, Allele, Tumor, Cancer, DNA, Rats, Tissue, Body Weight, Tumors, F344 Rats, Rat, Liver, Mice, Rodent, Tissues, CAT