Institution: The University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center, USA

Top Collaborators: Chen SR, Chen H, Li DP, Li L, Cai YQ, Cao XH, Zhou HY, Byun HS, Lopez-berestein G, Ye ZY, Han HD, Sood AK, Yuan WX, Zhang HM, Wu ZZ, Wess J, Richardson TE, Jin XG, Driver LC, Byan HS

Research Interests: Neurons, Rats, Spinal Cord, Pain, Dorsal Root, Horn, Rat, Neuropathic Pain, Postsynaptic Currents, Dorsal Horn Neurons, Glutamate, Inhibition, Synaptic Transmission, Excitatory Postsynaptic Currents, Ganglion, Nmda, Role, Dorsal Root Ganglion, mRNA, Treatment