Institution: Broad Institute of MIT and Harvard, USA

Top Collaborators: Anderson VL, Fahlgren N, Jones RW, Pritchard L, Sykes S, Judelson HS, Armstrong MR, Fischbach MA, Karlsson EK, Ramsahoye B, Thines M, Avrova A, Fugelstad J, Kunjeti SG, Ren Q, Van De Vondervoort PJ, Haas BJ, Baxter L, Gilroy EM, Lamour K

Research Interests: Accounting, Affects, Agriculture, Brown Algae, Cereal, Diatoms, Disease, Displacement, DNA, Eukaryotes, Families, Famine, Food, Fungus, Genes, Genome, Genomes, History, Human, Infection