Lyoo,In Kyoon

Institution: The Catholic University of Korea College of Medicine, Korea

Top Collaborators: Yoon S, Renshaw PF, Lee S, Cho HB, Lee JH, Yurgelun-todd DA, Jung JJ, Choi Y, Kim BN, Jeong HS, Ma J, Ko E, Dager SR, Hea Lee S, Kim TS, Jun CS, Lim SM, Yeum TS, Hwang J, Jacobson AM

Research Interests: Brain, Patients, Lateral Ventricles, Atrophy, Diabetes Mellitus, Diagnosis, Disease, Elderly, Frontal Lobe, Horns, Third Ventricles, Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus, Methamphetamine, Bipolar Disorder, Cerebellum, Regulation, Role, Panic, Panic Disorder, Adolescence