Lynch,Gordon S

Institution: The University of Melbourne, Australia

Top Collaborators: Murphy KT, Naim T, Gehrig SM, Trieu J, Koopman R, Chee A, Ryall JG, Church JE, Ibebunjo C, Swiderski K, Van Der Poel C, Schertzer JD, Léger B, Malcontenti-wilson C, Mcconell GK, Christophi C, Martins KJ, Tjoakarfa C, Gosselin LE, Saenger S

Research Interests: Muscle, Skeletal Muscle, Mice, Muscles, Therapeutic, Cachexia, Cancer, Quality Of Life, Patients, Injury, Inhibition, Mouse, Injection, Life, Treatments, Diaphragm, Human, Sarcopenia, Drugs, Fatigue