Lynch,Gordon S

Institution: The University of Melbourne, Australia

Top Collaborators: Murphy KT, Naim T, Gehrig SM, Trieu J, Koopman R, Chee A, Ryall JG, Church JE, Ibebunjo C, Swiderski K, Van Der Poel C, Schertzer JD, Léger B, Cobani V, Febbraio MA, Allen AM, Gleeson BG, Struk A, Malcontenti-wilson C, Mcconell GK

Research Interests: Muscle, Skeletal Muscle, Mice, Muscles, Therapeutic, Cachexia, Cancer, Quality Of Life, Patients, Injury, Inhibition, Mouse, Injection, Life, Treatments, Diaphragm, Human, Sarcopenia, Drugs, Fatigue