Luft,A R

Institution: University of Zurich, Switzerland

Top Collaborators: Lam JM, Globas C, Hertler B, Hosp JA, Becker C, Pekanovic A, Wächter T, Cerny J, Molina-luna K, Forrester LW, Macko RF, Hanley DF, Imanbayev A, Whitall J, Röhrich S, Mccombe-waller S, Schubring-giese M, Mori S, Rioult-pedotti MS, Lindemann U

Research Interests: Learning, Stroke, Motor Cortex, Rats, Motor Skill, Forelimb, Movement, Role, Survivors, Injection, Animals, Affect, Electrical Stimulation, Inhibition, Injections, Movements, Raclopride, Life, Patients, Quality Of Life