Institution: French Institute of Health and Medical Research, N/A

Top Collaborators: Akman HO, Kakhlon O, Barash V, Wallace M, Sedel F, Gomori JM, LaforĂȘt P, Van Der Knaap MS, Levy R, Glickstein H, Powers JM, Feinstein N, Demeret S, Liu Y, Maisonobe T, Baba O, Froissart R, Terashima T, Da Nobrega BB, Dimauro S

Research Interests: Glycogen, Branching Enzyme, Disease, Glycogen Branching Enzyme, Bladder, Diagnosis, Evaluation, Future, Gait, History, Natural History, Nervous Systems, Neurogenic Bladder, Peripheral Nervous Systems, Peripheral Neuropathy, Spastic, Spastic Gait, Therapeutic, Adult, Apoptosis