Lopes,Luciana B

Institution: Albany College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences, USA

Top Collaborators: Hass MA, Hosmer JM, Shin SH, Nornoo A, Zheng H, Phelps J, Pepe D, Lewis K, Dujack J, Scarlett K, Jahan S, Bonnier E, Milic-pasetto T, Cichewicz A, Pacleb C, Connors A, Bentley MV

Research Interests: Water, At 10, Fibroblasts, Light, Microscopy, Polarized Light Microscopy, Sodium, Treatment, Ability, Skin, Association, Cell, Cell Viability, Diffusion, Diglycerides, Paclitaxel, Pharmacists, Absorption, Behavior, Concentration