Lode,Holger N

Institution: Children's Cancer Research Institute and St. Anna Children's Hospital and Department of Paediatric and Adolescent Medicine; Medical University; Vienna, Austria

Top Collaborators: Gaedicke G, Huebener N, Bleeke M, Weixler S, Fest S, Baykan B, Durmus T, Stermann A, Woehler A, Bauer S, Pistoia V, Bernt KM, Michon J, Prokop A, Garaventa A, Wrasidlo W, Siebert N, Hilt K, Seidel D, Schramm A

Research Interests: Cells, Neuroblastoma, Growth, Metastasis, Mouse, Production, Vaccination, Vaccines, Human, Apoptosis, DNA, DNA Vaccines, Mice, Patients, Peptides, T Cells, Therapeutic, Tumor, Prognosis, Tyrosine