Institution: Institut Pasteur, Laboratory for Perception and Memory, Paris, France

Top Collaborators: Lepousez G, Murray K, Lazarini F, Belvindrah R, Nissant A, Bardy C, Gabellec MM, Mejia-gervacio S, Valley MT, Mouret A, Alonso M, Sassoè-pognetto M, Panzanelli P, Sapir T, Fritschy JM, Reiner O, Torquet N, Olivo-marin JC, Rudolph U, Lamarque S

Research Interests: Olfactory Bulb, Neurons, Neurogenesis, Interneurons, Cells, Newborn, Mouse, Adult, Role, Brain, Cell, Stream, Learning, Synapses, Life, Gaba, Time, Mammals, Forebrain, Odor
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