Ling,Christopher D

Institution: National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology (AIST), Japan

Top Collaborators: Avdeev M, Ben Yahia H, Shikano M, Kobayashi H, Miiller W, Liu S, Blanchard PE, Sharma N, Tabuchi M, Tan TT, Zhou Q, Kennedy BJ, Kearley GJ, Aitken JB, Schmid S, Cowie BC, Knight KS, Jang LY, Li S, Macquart RB

Research Interests: Neutron, Magnetic, X-ray, Powder Diffraction, Bismuth, Temperature, Axis, Hydrogen, Water, Lithium, Synchrotron, Time, Tungsten, Role, Distance, Alkali, Running, Sodium, Spectroscopy, Fluoride