Lindeman,Geoffrey J

Institution: The Walter and Eliza Hall Institute of Medical Research, Australia

Top Collaborators: Visvader JE, Vaillant F, Smyth GK, Lee L, Breslin K, Ritchie ME, Ward T, Feleppa F, Strasser A, Fox SB, Lim E, Oakes SR, Pal B, Deb S, Takano E, Generali D, Huang DC, Brown MA, Wu D, Forrest NC

Research Interests: Tumor, Breast, Cancer, Tumors, Apoptosis, Breast Cancer, Cells, Luminal, Mice, Role, Survival, Breast Tumors, Cancers, Kinase, Mutations, Tyrosine, Breast Tumor, Xenografts, Bromodeoxyuridine, Death