Institution: Technical University of Denmark, Denmark

Top Collaborators: Kirkeby C, Bødker R, Stockmarr A, Mikosch P, Beheshti M, Blom Goldman U, Wennberg B, Svane G, Bylund H, Valachis A, Kohlfuerst S, Nearchou A, Igerc I, Polyzos NP, Lobnig M, Gallowitsch HJ, Gomez-segovia I, Matschnig S, Mayr J

Research Interests: Breast, Breast Cancer, Cancer, Patients, Culicoides, Patient, Prospective Study, Scintigraphy, Spect, Treatment, Life, Quality Of Life, Radiotherapy, Women, X-ray, Biting Midges, Bluetongue, Bluetongue Virus, Outbreaks, Virus