Institution: School of Chemistry, University of St. Andrews, North Haugh, St. Andrews, Fife, KY16 9ST, UK

Top Collaborators: Pritzkow H, Aidoudi FH, Aldous DW, Goff RJ, Slawin AM, Attfield JP, Morris RE, Peel MD, Ashbrook SE, Arnold DC, Knight KS, Morrison FD, Mahenthirarajah T, Li Y, Gavrish SP, Lampeka YD

Research Interests: Neutron, Temperature, Copper, Hybrid, Hydrogen, Ligands, Ions, Magnetic, Nickel, Palladium, Water, X-ray, Temperatures, Neutron Diffraction, Phase Transition, Anions, Fluoride, Metals, Absorption, Anisotropy