Institution: Laboratoire de Biologie des Semences, Institut Jean-Pierre Bourgin, UMR204, INRA/AgroParisTech, F-78026 Versailles, France

Top Collaborators: Dubos C, Baud S, Roudier F, Routaboul JM, Beck G, Marquis C, Bidzinski P, Loudet O, Wuillème S, To A, Rochat C, Stracke R, Grotewold E, Weisshaar B, Martin C, Berger N, Dubreucq B

Research Interests: Arabidopsis, Carbon, Metabolism, Plant, Tissues, Transcription Factors, Seed, Arabidopsis Thaliana, Dissections, DNA, Embryo, Family, Gene, Genes, Seeds, Yeast, Oxygen, Plants, Regulation, Biosynthetic Pathway
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