Learman,Lee A

Institution: The Indiana University Center for Pharmacogenetics and Therapeutics Research in Maternal and Child Health, USA

Top Collaborators: Chambers CD, Hankins GD, Clark S, Wisner KL, Li L, Renbarger JL, Kuppermann M, Schembri M, Gregorich SE, Jackson RA, Haas DM, Jacoby A, Hebert MF, Lewis J, Soldin OP, Washington AE, Flockhart DA, Madadi P, Nocon JJ

Research Interests: Women, Ability, Aid, Collaboration, Computer, Cyp2d6, Drug Therapy, Goal, Knowledge, Obstetrics, Pathology, Pharmacogenetics, Pharmacology, Pharmacotherapy, Physiology, Power, Pregnancy, Pregnant Women, Research, Role