Institution: University of Toronto, Department of Urology and Surgical Oncology, Princess Margaret Hospital, University Health Network, 610 University Avenue, Toronto, ON M5G 2M9, Canada

Top Collaborators: Clouston D, Trachtenberg J, Bolton DM, Wong LM, Hall A, Chum JM, Chang DT, Maddy P, Challacombe B, Thompson J, Chan ST, Frydenberg M, Travis D, Thompson L, Leveridge MJ, Stricker P, Bostrom PJ, , Koulouris G, Finelli A

Research Interests: Cancer, Patients, Prostate, Disease, Risk, Diagnosis, Men, Prostate Cancer, Treatment, Infection, Carcinoma, Literature, Tissue, Catheter, Equipment, Health, Safety, History, Cancers, Cell