Laue,Ernest D

Institution: University of Cambridge, UK

Top Collaborators: Zhang W, Owen-hughes T, Watson AA, Tyl M, Ward R, Sobott F, Maman J, Murthy AS, Fedorov O, Bowman A, El Mkami H, Murzina NV, Norman DG, Eisenmenger F, Kouzarides T, Bardiaux B, Wiechens N, Van Rossum BJ, Oschkinat H, Svergun DI

Research Interests: Chromatin, Epigenetic, Histones, Role, Data Analysis, Identification, Magic, Proteins, Set, Software, Transfer, Work, Atpase, Cell, Cell Differentiation, Chromatin Remodeling, Mass Spectrometry, Nucleosome, Nurd Complex, Plant
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