Institution: Centre for Rare Diseases and Personalized Medicine; School of Clinical and Experimental Medicine; University of Birmingham; Birmingham, UK

Top Collaborators: Maher ER, Gentle D, Dallol A, Hill VK, Hesson LB, Brini AT, Dunwell TL, Catchpoole D, Krex D, Chalmers AD, Underhill-day N, Griffiths M, Cooper WN, Hill V, Lewis C, Gharanei S, Vaiyapuri S, Kolch W, Shinawi T, Alholle A

Research Interests: Genes, Gene, Cancer, Methylation, Tumor, Cell, Cancers, Cell Lines, Family, Association, Tumors, Epigenetic, Leukemia, Cells, DNA, Genome, Suppressor Gene, Tumor Suppressor Gene, Human, Survival