Lambiase,P D

Institution: University College Hospital and Institute of Cardiovascular Sciences, UK

Top Collaborators: Nunn LM, Gomes J, Mckenna WJ, Tinker A, Bhar-amato J, Lowe MD, Plymen CM, Macfarlane PW, Bolger AP, Rogers P, Lurz P, Nordmeyer J, Elliott PM, Lee TY, Kabir A, Finlay M, Coats L, Ahmed AK, Cullen S, Ciaccio EJ

Research Interests: Death, Cardiac Death, Patients, Sudden Cardiac Death, Syndrome, Future, Knowledge, Therapeutic, Heart, Mutations, Relatives, Action Potential, Gap Junction, Gap Junction Proteins, Ion Channels, Nature, Proteins, Disease, Electrocardiograms, Heart Disease