Lamb,Richard F

Institution: Department of Oncology, Cross Cancer Institute, University of Alberta, 11560 University Avenue, AB T6G IZ2, Canada

Top Collaborators: Yan L, Mieulet V, Sully K, Procter J, Burgess D, Findlay GM, Goris J, Janssens V, Morrice NA, Choisy C, Kouroumalis A, Krywawych S, Pende M, Ley SC, Moinard C

Research Interests: Acids, Amino Acids, Kinase, Rapamycin, Starvation, Nutrients, Tumor, Arginine, Macrophages, Glucose, Inhibition, Cancer, Cell Growth Processes, Cues, Disease, Environment, Human, Tumors, Concentration, Cytokines