Lam,Tran Dai

Institution: Hanoi University of Science and Technology, N/A

Top Collaborators: Thinh NN, Hanh PT, Ha LE TT, Anh LE N, Hoang TV, Hoang VD, Dang LE H, Khoi NV, Thanh DT, Nam PT, Phuong NT, Que LE X, Anh NV, Hoang T

Research Interests: Stainless Steel, Steel, Temperature, Body Fluids, Concentration, Concentrations, Cost, Electrochemical Techniques, Electron, Electron Microscopy, Fourier Transform, Ftir, Hydroxyapatite, Microscopy, Scanning Electron Microscopy, Solutions, X-ray, X-ray Diffraction, Adsorption, Chitosan