Institution: Concord Hospital & The University of Sydney, Australia

Top Collaborators: Yong AS, Chung T, Ng AC, Chow V, Behnia M, Brieger D, Ng MK, Jessup W, Kockx M, Javadzadegan A, Chang M, Qi M, Yiannikas J, Freedman SB, Lowe HC, Yong A, Pennings GJ, Lowe H, Celermajer DS, Pennings G

Research Interests: Disease, Human, Atherosclerosis, Cyclosporin A, Macrophages, Patients, Apoe, Apolipoprotein, Inhibition, Risk, Mortality, Embolism, Pulmonary Embolism, Calcium, Secretion, Angiography, Artery, ATP, Calcineurin, Chinese