Koonce,Michael P

Institution: Division of Translational Medicine, Wadsworth Center, NYS Department of Health, Empire State Plaza, PO Box 509, Albany, NY 12201-0509, USA

Top Collaborators: Tikhonenko I, Magidson V, Gräf R, Khodjakov A, Nag DK, Robinson DN, Mcnaughton L, Banavali NK, Lemaster DM

Research Interests: Dictyostelium, Dictyostelium Discoideum, Centrosome, Kinesin, Microtubule, Nuclear Envelope, Organelles, Microtubules, Cell, Cell Division, Cell Viability, Cells, Chromosomes, Drive, Eukaryotic Cells, Families, Family, Growth, Interphase, Isoforms