Institution: Department of Medical Oncology, Tom Baker Cancer Centre, Calgary, Alberta, Canada

Top Collaborators: Heng DY, Hartmann JT, Bokemeyer C, Oechsle K, Honecker F, Mayer F, Chi KN, Chi K, Murray N, Jin T, Nichols C, Garcia JA, Waller CF, Bukowski RM, Boehlke I, Rini BI, , Cheng T, Czaykowski P, Winquist E

Research Interests: Cell, Patients, Treatment, Cisplatin, Germ Cell, Carcinoma, Renal Cell Carcinoma, Standard Of Care, Lead, Germ Cell Tumors, Tumors, Chemotherapy, Interferon, Population, Prognosis, Survival, Endothelial Growth Factor, Future, Growth, Immunotherapy