Knapp,Steven J

Institution: The University of Georgia, USA

Top Collaborators: Tang S, Taylor CA, Heesacker AF, Bowers JE, Bachlava E, Stalker HT, Ozias-akins P, Nagy ED, Guo Y, Zhang D, Khanal S, Khalilian N, Okashah RA, Arnold ML, Bazzalo ME, Nielsen N, Scaglione D, Zambelli A, Acquadro A, León AJ

Research Interests: Genome, Sunflower, Gene, DNA, Ecotypes, Resources, Genetics, Alleles, Helianthus, Populations, Genes, Arachis, Arachis Hypogaea, Diploid, DNA Marker, DNA Sequence, Iridaceae, Iris, Simple Sequence Repeats, Artichoke