Institution: Virus and Prion Diseases Research Unit, National Animal Disease Center, United States Department of Agriculture, Agricultural Research Service, Ames, Iowa, USA

Top Collaborators: Vincent AL, Lager KM, Ciacci-zanella JR, Kehrli ME, Garten R, Xu X, Gubareva L, Harland M, Lorusso A, Bayles DO, Badar N, Zanella E, Gramer MR, Mehmood MR, Darnell D, Nisar N, Webby RJ, Suleman RM, Faaberg KS, Swenson SL

Research Interests: Influenza, Virus, Swine, Human, Viruses, Gene, Influenza Virus, Humans, Pandemic, Pigs, Population, Hemagglutinin, Lead, Genes, Influenza Viruses, Disease, Hygiene, Influenza A Virus, Meat, Safety