Kizhakkedathu,Jayachandran N

Institution: The University of British Columbia, Canada

Top Collaborators: Brooks DE, Lai BF, Chapanian R, Scott MD, Constantinescu I, Rossi NA, Creagh AL, Janzen J, Haynes CA, Yu K, Gao G, Kindrachuk J, Hancock RE, Medvedev N, Imran Ul-haq M, Kainthan RK, Du C, Mendelson AA, Guan Q, Zou Y

Research Interests: Polymer, Blood, Water, Concentrations, Iron, Cell, Complement, Molecular Weight, Blood Cells, Red Blood Cells, Graft, Time, Molecular Weights, Weights, Mice, Plasma, Antigens, Cells, Concentration, Calorimetry