Institution: Department of Pharmaceutics and Biopharmacy, Philipps-Universität Marburg, Ketzerbach 63, 35037 Marburg, Germany

Top Collaborators: Beck-broichsitter M, Merkel OM, Schmehl T, Gessler T, Seeger W, Zheng M, Curdy C, Librizzi D, Reul R, Liu Y, Merkel O, Samsonova O, Bege N, Roesler S, Petersen H, Endres T, Renette T, Klebe G, Mintzer MA, Schweiger C

Research Interests: Gene, Polymer, Transfection, siRNA, Efficiency, Cells, DNA, Water, Nanoparticles, Ethylene Glycol, Time, Polymers, Behavior, Molecular Weight, Lung, Cell, Graft, Polyethylenimine, Charge, Ability