Institution: University Medical Center of the Georg August University Göttingen, Germany

Top Collaborators: Seeringer A, Roots I, Herchenhein P, Maier C, Kuon J, Meineke I, Godoy AL, Rosa A, Muschler E, Comas D, Lal J, Parmar S, Jetter A, Fischer A, Rattay A, Altissimo B, Zanger U, Zondler L, Zadoyan G, Lebedeva E

Research Interests: Genotype, Cytochrome, Cytochrome P450, Role, Administration, Environment, Enzyme Induction, Genes, Genotypes, Pharmacokinetics, Rifampin, Tolbutamide, Binding Site, Carrying, Cyp1a2, Cyp2d6, Cyp2e1, Enzymes, Hplc, Human