Kielkopf,Clara L

Institution: University of Rochester School of Medicine and Dentistry, USA

Top Collaborators: Jenkins JL, Gupta A, Bauer WJ, Green MR, Heath J, Wang W, Maucuer A, Manceau V, Thickman KR, Kennedy SD, Wedekind JE, Mclaughlin KJ, Paget MS, Laird KM, Strain-damerell CM, Agrawal AA, Xie K, Brekasis D, Soares AS

Research Interests: mRNA, Pre-mrna, RNA, X-ray, Cell, Family, Oxygen, Binding Sites, Calorimetry, Eukaryotes, Cytidine, Ribose, Uridine, Adenine, Bacteria, Charge, DNA, Family Members, Gene, Gene Expression