Kelman,Jeffrey A

Institution: Center for Drug Evaluation and Research, Food and Drug Administration, Silver Spring, MD, USA

Top Collaborators: Macurdy TE, Worrall C, Racoosin JA, Graham DJ, Ali F, Sholley C, Hartzema AG, Gibbs JM, Zhou EH, Mckean S, Levenson M, Calia K, Gelperin K, Ding X, Mosholder AD, Young S, Ouellet-hellstrom R, Wernecke M, Shoaibi A

Research Interests: Medicare, Risk, Treatments, Drug Safety, Evaluation, Health, Health Service, Medicaid, Safety, Time, Angiotensin, Death, Patients, Healthcare, Influenza, Oseltamivir, Pandemic, Reports, Warfarin