Kelley,Matthew W

Institution: National Institutes of Health, USA

Top Collaborators: Coate TM, Okano T, Puligilla C, Driver EC, Dabdoub A, Chang W, Yamamoto N, Szarama KB, Gavara N, Petralia RS, Brenowitz SD, Chadwick RS, Mann ZF, Xuan S, Lee KY, King KA, Raft S, Zhao X, Ryan AK, Crenshaw EB

Research Interests: Cochlea, Hair, Cells, Role, Ear, Inner Ear, Cell, Epithelium, Mice, Organ Of Corti, Hearing, Transcription Factor, Cochlear Duct, Growth, Inhibition, Transcription Factors, Ganglion, Neurons, Spiral Ganglion, Regulation