Keller,Nancy P

Institution: University of Wisconsin-Madison, USA

Top Collaborators: Wang CC, Bok JW, Chiang YM, Soukup AA, Yin WB, Amaike S, Palmer JM, Oakley BR, Dagenais TR, Keating AE, Pócsi I, Strauss J, Lauer C, Giles SS, Berthier E, Reyes-dominguez Y, Reinke AW, Shaaban M, Szilágyi M, Emri T

Research Interests: Aspergillus, Aspergillus Nidulans, Production, Gene, Role, Fungi, Growth, Gene Clusters, Regulation, Metabolism, Sterigmatocystin, Proteins, Strains, Aspergillosis, Human, Genes, Roles, Strain, Chromatin, Histone
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